Dragonfly Aquatics: San Diego Pond and Garden Services

San Diego Pond and Garden picMany people in San Diego take advantage of the beautiful weather to cultivate exotic gardens and often keep Koi ponds as well. If you’re looking for a local San Diego Pond and Garden company to help you maintain your pond then Dragonfly Aquatics can help.

The company is locally based and provides services in San Diego, La Jolla, Scripts Ranch, and Santa Fe. We have been operating in Southern California since 2005 and their owner has 10 years experience.

We offer a wide variety of services to cover every need you have. These services include:

  • Pond cleaning
  • Vacuuming Debris
  • Backflush The Biofilter
  • Testing of Water Quality
  • Koi Fish Care
  • Clean Skimmer/Intakes
  • Sealing of pond

Let Dragonfly Aquatics take the pain out of keeping your pond and garden looking picture perfect so that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the view.


Contact Dragonfly Aquatics today at: (619)-203-8392.

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